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Hillsborough Replacement Windows

Are you considering purchasing Hillsborough replacement windows? If your windows are beginning to wear out, it may be time to consider purchasing new windows. Windows are suposed to protect the inside of your home from the harsh outdoor elements, keep loud sounds out, reduce your heating and cooling costs and improve your quality of life. If your windows no longer do this, you will greatly benefit from replacements. Purchasing Hillsborough replacement windows can be an expensive project, and if your don’t know what you want going into it, you may end up losing out. You need to consider the type of windows, the cost of the windows and the quality of the contractor that is installing the windows. Today, we will discuss some things to consider before purchasing hillsborough replacement windows for your new home:

What To Look For In Hillsborough Replacement Windows

Find a Hillsborough Replacement Windows Contractor With Experience

Though there are many fine reputable window manufacturers to choose from, homeowners also need to beware of start-up companies. Of course, all companies were start-up companies at one time. Nevertheless, new figures from reveal that four companies a day went belly up in the first seven months of 2010, up 22% from the same time in 2009. We’ve seen window companies go out of business, change their names, and reopen. We’ve seen companies like Republic and Kensington declare bankruptcy, potentially leaving customers holding the bag with worthless warranties and un-serviced windows. We’ve seen no fewer than 17 major window manufacturing corporations file for Chapter 11 in the last 3 years. A word to the wise: Check out a company’s reputation BEFORE spending your hard-earned cash. Exercise caution BEFORE purchasing from a highly leveraged impersonal company or a start-up company.

Buy Hillsborough Replacement Windows That Will Last A Long Time

The next thing to consider is how long a window will last. All windows are NOT created equal. Windows run the gamut, from the quality of the glass package to the quality of the framing system. Investing in replacement windows for your home should only be done once. Most windows are only made to last 10 to 20 years. Some cheap windows that go for $150 to $200 may only last for 3 to 5 years. Some manufacturers claim that their windows will last for 50 years or even a lifetime, but they are often unwilling to back those claims in writing.

Make Sure the Hillsborough Replacement Windows Are Energy Efficient

With the skyrocketing costs of utility bills and a natural concern for the environment, prudent homeowners should definitely consider the energy-efficiency of a replacement window, among other things. There is a combination of factors that contribute to the overall energy-efficiency of a window. The type of frame, the number of glass panes, the type of coating and the number of coats applied to the surface of the panes, the type of filling that goes between the panes, and the type of security locking system all contribute to the energy-efficiency of a window. We’ll consider each of these factors, one at a time.

Take Note Of How Many Panes You Need For Your Hillsborough Replacement Windows

One of the contributing factors of a window’s energy-efficiency is how many panes a window has. Some claim that dual paned windows are just as energy-efficient as triple-paned windows. Others maintain that triple-paned windows are more energy-efficient. Though it is true that a dual-paned window with a soft-coat Low-E coating will usually have better thermal performance numbers than a triple-paned window without a Low-E coating, it is equally true that a triple-paned window with two surfaces coated with a Low-E soft-coating is more energy-efficient than a dual-paned window with a soft-coat Low-E coating. Here’s what Energy Star says: “All energy efficient windows have at least two panes, but not all double-paned windows are energy efficient. Twenty years ago, double-paned meant energy efficient; today, advanced technologies have enabled the development of windows that are much more efficient than traditional clear-glass double-paned windows.” Two of those advanced technologies include multiple soft coating and filling the spaces between the panes with inert gas.

Hillsborough Replacement Windows | Markey LLC

If you’re looking for the best contractor for Hillsborough replacement windows, Markey LLC is the solution for you. Markey LLC has been providing outstanding replacement window service to homeowners in our community for over 25 years. to our community. We take pride in our work and prioritize integrity. We replace all types of windows including bow & bay windows, casement windows, double hung windows, garden windows and more! Contact us or visit our Somerset County replacement window showroom to see full size displays of our products. All of our employees are factory certified and we never use subcontractors.

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